Mental Fitness

The practice of physical health leads to physical fitness. Practicing the skills of mental health leads to Mental Fitness. We offer programs that provide introductory skills, reinforce practice skills, as well as more in-depth workshops that teach the philosophical foundations of mental health and fitness. These seminars are for any person, organization, or community wanting to get healthy, stay healthy, and live up to their vast potential.

Healthy Relationships

How do we manage our closest or most important relationships? How can we be emotionally close or intimate—yet remain unique as individuals? Having great boundaries, living committed lives in relationship, and partnership with others is one of the greatest human desires and achievements. The art of managing intimate relationships responsibly is the theme of these workshops and seminars that lead to extraordinary personal and relationship growth.



Every life is in continuous transition from birth to death; however, some transitions are bigger or more abrupt than others. How can we anticipate significant life changes and events? How can we handle these changes through healthy choices? Handling traumatic transitions as well as major life changes through responsible action and identity formation are the focus of these groundbreaking seminars and workshops.


The Pieces of the Puzzle



Dr. Bryce Lefever’s The Pieces of the Puzzle® is a groundbreaking identification and explanation of six practices that lead to mental health. Once understood, six pieces of the puzzle can be practiced in daily decision making leading to an extraordinary state of mental health which is named mental fitness. This frees a person to reach his potential. Mental fitness also mitigates or protects when things go wrong. All of us face difficulties, hardships, and traumatic events. It is prudent to be prepared.



One-Day Programs

Our one-day seminars give you a significant introduction to Mental Fitness.
Participants are presented a radical philosophical shift in their understanding of their capacities to act freely in a vast environment. Such experiences are frequently world-view altering and lead to the opportunity for overcoming problems and for significant personal growth.



Two-Day Programs

Our two-day seminars go beyond the introduction to Mental Fitness.
Participants become active and interactive throughout these programs—turning passive learning into action. In addition to the thorough explanation of the basics of free-will, responsibility and Mental Fitness, participants can engage in meaningful exercises designed as useful application to many nagging every day problems



Three-Day Programs

Our three-day seminars provide in-depth training Mental Fitness.
After a thorough philosophical explication, participants will begin to apply the principles of Mental Fitness to their own lives. Meaningful and dramatic gains in the successful managing of many types of relationships as well as comprehending the vastness of their own potential are expected outcomes.