Our experts can provide state-of-the-art personnel screenings for companies needing to exercise caution in selecting the highest caliber individuals for special duties or assignments. We also offer leadership training to help executives operate at top effectiveness.



The emphasis in these revolutionary seminars is on developing the skills of leaders who embrace the truth and lead by demonstrating solid decision-making and the articulate management of superior and subordinate relationships.


One-To-One Training

One-to-one training allows us to tailor our knowledge to your needs. Specific application of the principles of Mental Fitness can be applied to problems by any individual seeking guidance, growth, or change, helping each person maximize his or her potential.


On/Off-Site Retreats

Intensive workshops and retreats can be arranged at many convenient locations. We can come to you. Expect extraordinary growth for both individuals and organizations needing change, direction, and vastly improved teamwork.

Top-Rated Consulting Services

You want your business and everyone in it functioning at peak performance. Our services apply cutting-edge knowledge of mental fitness to every aspect of life.


One-on-One Executive Mentoring

In-Office Consulting


Seminars and workshops on- or off-site