A Different Approach

The practice of physical health leads to physical fitness. Practicing the skills of mental health leads to Mental Fitness. Six basic mental health skills are taught, illustrated, and practiced. Introductory skills, reinforcing practice skills, and in-depth workshops are available. The six pieces of the Mental Fitness puzzle are the basic skills for any person or organization wanting to get healthy, stay healthy and live up to a vast potential.

Client Testimonials


G. Steffian

“Dr. Lefever is a gifted communicator and a dynamic and engaging teacher. In my experience, his seminars have been catalysts for profound personal and organizational growth.”


T. White

“Dr. Lefever is an intellectual—he knows his subject. But he is also really interesting to listen to. He has a remarkable ability to make the subject matter approachable to everyone.”


J. Little

“Dr. Lefever’s seminar changed my life. I’m engaged, and I can honestly say that I believe Dr. Lefever saved my marriage.”


E. Lewis

“I learned so much about myself, and about relationships. This is truly the best course I have ever taken–Dr. Lefever is better than any college professor I ever had.